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The exquisite scent of oud has been representing luxury and royalty since ancient times. Popularly associated with the fragrance of the Middle East, it has been used in the form of perfume and body oil as well as wooden chips for incense in Asian cultures for centuries. The intense mystical yet complex smell along with huge demand marks Oud’s exclusive status in the world of perfumery.

Oud comes from one of the most prized woods in the world – agarwood trees, found in tropical forests of South and Southeast Asia. Its dark resinous heartwood contains the rare and precious olfactory note known as Oud. This rich and deep fragrant wood befits its description as ‘wood of the Gods’.

Here at Tierra Home, we present you one of the finest versions of Oud fragrance in the form of Home Fragrance Oil.

Our oud fragrance oil is a sweet woody fragrance. As the majestic oud is tamed by the elegant rose and delicate saffron, the earthy patchouli and soft sandalwood elevates the precious oud to form a lasting impression of a deep and alluring oriental fragrance. The note of amber imparts the lingering sweetness to this exotic composition.

Experience the feeling of opulence in your home, enveloped in the fragrance of oud at dusk.  As an evening fragrance, it can be used in a bedroom or living room to create a sensual ambience.

All aroma oils manufactured under Tierra Home are to be used in aroma burner/diffuser and potpourri.

Here are some directions to use the Oud home fragrance oil -

  • Oil burners / diffuser - just add few drops to warm water on top of the diffuser/burner for the room.
  • Potpourri- to refresh a worn-out potpourri, add few drops on it.


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  • Koyel on

    It does really smell exotic. At first I thought it to be overpowering but after using I feel this is what I have been looking for…. it is so rich and ambrosial.

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